Introduction of American Pad-mounted Substation\European Prefabricated substation


1. Group introduction

China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG) is the world leading supplier of transmission and distribution and new energy, has been involved in Power Transformer, PV Technology, Insulation Materials and Complete Substation. CEEG consists of 15 holdingwholly  -owned subsidiary companies and possess Nanjing.  Yangzhong.  Shanghai.  Jingdezhen four major industrial bases. We employ about 6,000 employees and more than 300. -sales & service sites spread-all over the major cities of the whole country.

CEEG has "China's Resounding Brand", "China Top Brand" and other national honors. There are more than 60 famous domestic and foreign experts in which some of them have participated in drafting out national transformer standard. A group of PN/ scientists still hold the world record of photovoltaic efficiency so far. CEEG provides world-class products and quality services for electricity, electronics, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, coal mine, telecommunications, construction, petroleum, chemical engineering, aviation, transportation, rail age and other industries.

CEEG transformer, made from US DUPONT NOMEX® Paper as a main insulation material, has changed the traditional concept of transformer industry, filled up our domestic blank with their unique safe function and achieved international advanced level. CEEG has an annual output of 30 million KN/A of transformer. CEEG established photovoltaic industry from silicon materials, silicon chip, solar cell, solar modules, solar photovoltaic power system including the complete industrial chain. We developed application of DUPONT Nomex Paper as the core of new transformer technology and three phase three column energy-saving amorphous alloy transformers. Transducer,rectifier frequency transformer, reactor as the representative of efficient power transmission and distribution solutions which means that fewer resources you can get more power, saving a large expenditure. In these ways, CEEG opened the path to a new energy-saving electric era.

In recent years, CEEG involved in the construction of key projects in many countries, such as Beijing Olympic Project, Shanghai World Expo Project, Manned Space Flight Project, the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, the Beijing South Railway Station, the Nanjing South Railway Station, so as to secure the maximum power and solar energy solutions meet customer needs. From transmission and distribution, .power electronic to solar by industry, CEEG can provide customers with forward-looking solutions. No matter when and where, the group always carries out the core, value of "Foresight, Innovation and Responsibility". With these values, CEEG will make the complex power system more efficient, productive and energy-saving.

2. Schneiders authorization and modularized manufacturing

ZGS-12 American pad-mounted substation assembles the transformer, oil-immersed on-load switch, protective fuse into a full sealed oil tank. With reliable performance, reasonable structure, easy operation, sm2rll size and low cost, this kind of substation could be widely used in power transformation and distribution sites; includin9 indoors areas, such as industrial parks, residential areas, commercial centers, and high-rise buildings.

Combined by three parts of high voltage switch, power transformer, and low voltage switch, YB-12 and YB-24 series prefabricated substations are comprehensive indoors and outdoors transformation and distribution equipments.

Standard:  GB1746 7-2010.DL/T53 7-2002.

3. Structure of European Prefabricated substation

3.1. Product structure

The structure of its frame was welded by structural steel or assembled by steel panel.  Covered by special paint coat, it has strong mechanism, weather resistant and anti-corrosion performances.

Three relatively independent chambers, namely high voltage chamber, transformer chamber and low temperature chamber, form a comprehensive structure. Lighting could be automatically turned on or turned off with the opening or closing of each chamber’s door.

Substation was equipped with a heat insulation layer on top, which could prevent condensation in high temperature areas or paramus as temperature inside of the cabinet changes dramatically. Temperature auto-control device was equipped in the transformer chamber and low voltage chamber to stabilize the temperature in the substation.

3.2. Cabinet structure

High voltage chamber

High voltage chamber is equipped with high voltage looped net cabinet. Pressure-operated type, sulfur hexafluoride load switch, vacuum breaker are available options for high voltage switch. High voltage cabinet could protect transformer from short circuit or overload.

Transformer chamber                                                                                                    Transformer chamber is equipped with dry type or oil-immersed transformer. It is equipped with impeccable ventilation system and temperature control data could be set according to users’ needs. Mistakenly entry of charged spacers device is also installed to prevent mistakenly entry during observation.

Low voltage chamber

Low voltage chamber can be divided as walk-in type and non walk-in type. It can be loaded with measurement cabinet, master inlet cabinet, outlet cabinet, capacitor cabinet and connection cabinet (when there are two transformers). Measurement cabinet and master inlet cabinet can be put together with the lower part. Compensation could be made either manually or automatically by the capacitor. Generally reactive power compensation capacity is 15%--30% that of the total capacity of the transformer and partial          compensation or total compensation could be realized.

3.3. Working conditions

Ambient temperature: +400~250

Altitude: no more than 1000 meters

Relative humidity: no more than 90070 (+250), and substation could operate at 100070 relative humidity for a short time.

Installed in areas without fire, explosion, chemical corrosion or strong vibration.

Users may coordinate with CEEG if special working conditions occur.