CEEG NTD had big orders in the automotive industry


Since the second quarter,CEEG NTD is always good news.In April, It winning geely automobile company project,Project involves 8 subsidiaries of geely automobile company 8 subsidiaries,such as guiyang,linhai,jinzhong and so on.This project need provide 49 sets of dry type transformer ,the total amount of nearly 6 million.In may, the company won the bid of dry type transformer project of RGL ruihua new energy technology co., LTD,the total amount of nearly 1.45 million.At the beginning of the project from the bidding,the leadership and sales from CEEG NTD are fully participate in the project and take the project with the help of CEEG Jiangsu co., LTD.The winning enhance the visibility of company in the automotive industry and reflects the various departments in spirit.