Warm congratulations NRE into the supplier purchase list of Powerchina limited


At the beginning of years, there have a good news of NRE.In early 2017, NRE into the supplier purchase list of Powerchina limited because of win the bidding ”Photovoltaic modules purchase project“.

Powerchina limited is approved by the state council, a wholly state-owned company in 2011, is a concentration of hydroelectric engineering and infrastructure investment and financing, planning and design, project construction, equipment manufacturing, operations management is a body comprehensive construction group, electric power construction (planning, design, construction, etc.) and the first performance in the world industry.

Since get the bidding information, the company leadership attaches great importance to it, in view of the project bidding work decorates meticulously, clear division of labor and responsibility.Bidding group member carefully study the tender documents, make a detailed work plan and carefully organize the implementation.Each department relevant personnel grasped the nettle and solidarity, high efficiency, high quality by the tender documents.In this bidding, NRE stand out in many companies, fully demonstrates the company's corporate image and technical level.It is inviting party for the company's comprehensive strength must once again.After this project won the bid for the company's business promotion, develop the market, raise awareness is of great significance, is also the important guarantee of prompted the company 2017 annual production volume increased steadily.